by Ryan Herrick

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Whiteclay 04:37
Give me your tired, give me your poor Give me your one hand that can feel no more Give me your beaten, give me your dead Give me lip service and your words unsaid I feel confused upon this Christmas Day Sometimes I wonder what would Jesus say Sometimes I wonder down here in Whiteclay Sometimes I wonder... It seems to follow me wherever I go This scene of human life reduced so low Are they the losers in the games we play Or just another world a mile away Ten thousand lives it seems have gone astray Sometimes I wonder what would Jesus say Sometimes I wonder down here in Whiteclay Sometimes I wonder... Said anybody could you hold my hand I saw what I could hardly understand He said it funny that I feel this way I didn't know if I would see today I feel confused upon this Christmas Day Sometimes I wonder what would Jesus say Sometimes I wonder down here in Whiteclay Sometimes I wonder...
Black Snake 06:36
Seen it all comin black snake crawlin Broken treaties, can't keep them promises Lies spread, spoon fed Oh, darling Blood moon risin' But in her, her heart hangs low She watches damage Spreadin' like wildfire Relations shiftin' Oh, darling Black snake, soul eater Black snake, so called "leader" Industrialize Ruling class lies Suffocated in a cage of illusion Thrivin' on addiction and warfare Black snake, soul eater Black snake, so called "leader"
Which Way 04:30
To whom it may concern Life ain't what it seems Listen and you may learn The truth can set you free This concept of society Baffles me to this day Why would I give up my freedom For the illusion of security Which way ya gonna go? As we sit idly by Policies are bein' ratified Pulled beneath us, all our rights Soon one day there'll be nothin' left Which way ya gonna go? What of this man you talk about Supposed to bring some change But how can one man bring anything When it's our own lives we gotta rearrange now Which way ya gonna go? No pipeline is worth the destruction No mine is worth the pay Our mother is sickening now If she could speak what would she say? Which way ya gonna go? And so do they have your compliance? Do they have your mind? Do you own a soul?
Long Lost 01:30
Change 02:35
Trippin and fallin Feelin alone again Heaven knows, Seein only the sin But I'll fade away Leavin only this skin My mirror of impermanence But I'll change somehow I'll change somehow I change... I followed all the signs to you Reachin for an open eye Now I'm on my knees and crawlin Can't stand I feel I'm fallin Held the truth Though that I'd come to Once I found you But I'll change somehow I change somehow But I change... You know, I'd better use my heart to know it You know, it's within my way to show it You know, I'd better use my heart to know it Better use my heart to know it
Masterpiece 05:21
See the sun descending Light to dark, offending Shadows scrape the cieling Echoing, beckoning a call The roots that sink below her Clench the sand, defending Awaken to the season Of fallen leaves' patient release From dust to ground Once lost is found Full moon crossing Black ocean water Wide eye shining From masterpiece to fodder The masterpiece that faught her The masochist he fought her From masterpiece to fodder Feel me now, yeah Know thyself Hear me now Show yourself Kneeling profound Love yourself


"Sagitta" is latin for "arrow.” The symbol of the arrow was deliberately chosen to represent the record. Every word is direct and to the point-- like an arrow released from a bow. The songs featured on the record share a common thread; they emerged in response to many of the socio-political issues that we face in modern society today, and come from the perspective of a spiritually focused individual.

The recording session was natural, raw, and honest, with all parts recorded live, simultaneously in the same room. To Ryan, it represents the coming together of kin for the pure enjoyment of creativity and collaboration.

"Sagitta" was recorded on Earth Day 2017; Ryan along with three of his longtime musical brethren: Cole Coppola (Lead Guitar), Travis Maxim (Drums & Percussion), and Travis Johnson (Bass, Keys, Vocals). Engineer John Abbey tracked, mixed and mastered the record at Kingsize Sound Labs in Chicago.


released September 1, 2017

Engineer: John Abbey, Kingsize Soundlabs

Ryan Herrick: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Banjo, Percussion
Cole Coppola: Electric Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Travis Johnson: Bass, Keys, Vocals
Travis Maxim: Drums, Percussion, Vocals


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Ryan Herrick Chicago, Illinois

Ryan Herrick's sojourn as a musical troubadour and spiritual seeker has brought him from the mountains of Vermont to the foothills of Chicago's skyscrapers and the whispering grasses of a South Dakota Indian Reservation. Ryan's music is a percussive blend of Americana, Roots Rock, Folk, Celtic, and Indian Raga, intricately woven with his passion for mysticism and conscious awareness. ... more

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